Guide to Graduation

2020-2021 Guide to Graduation 
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Preparing for the Military

Let your School Counselor know you are interested in speaking with military recruiters who work at our school from any of the following: US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, US Coast Guard, SC National Guard, Army National Guard.

Parents should submit a release form if the wish for a military recruiter to access their student's academic records.

Preparing for College

Over 70% of our recent graduates gave the same advice for rising seniors:
ay close attention to deadlines and start early.

If you need a teacher or counselor recommendation be sure to provide them with a "brag sheet" or resume when you ask for their recommendation so they are prepared to help. Please know that many students are working through college applications at the same time and recommendations can take up to 10 school days to prepare.

1. How to Write a High School Resume for College Applications

2Information for Visiting a College

3. Questions to Ask a College

Common College Admissions Decisions To Know

 Early Decision requires you to commit to a college or university at the time of application that, if admitted, you will enroll. You should apply under an Early Decision plan only if you know that you can make a well-reasoned, first-choice decision. You may apply to other colleges but may have only one Early Decision application pending at any time. If admitted, you must enroll.

Early Action permits you to apply to a college or university of your choice and receive a decision early during senior year, well in advance of the normal response dates. Though you will hear early regarding your admission, you are not committed to attend and you may apply to other colleges.

Regular Decision is a plan in which institutions review most of their applications before notifying the majority of candidates of their admission. In this process, colleges set a deadline for completing applications and will respond to completed applications by a specified date. You may apply to other colleges. 

 Rolling Admission is a term used to describe the application process in which an institution reviews applications as they are received and offers decisions to students soon after they are made.  If you are applying for financial aid you will follow aid application deadlines set by the school. 

Wait List is a term used by institutions to describe a process in which a college may initially delay offering admission and instead, extends the possibility of admission in the future.  Colleges offer admission to wait list candidates if insufficient numbers of regularly admitted candidates accept their offers of admission.