Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

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What is an Individual Graduation Plan?It’s a road map to your future!  The IGP includes information on your postsecondary goals, career cluster of choice, courses required for graduation, and electives that coordinate with your career goals.   

What are Career Clusters and Majors?Career clusters are broad categories of your professional goals when you leave high school.  Career majors narrow down types of professions under a specific career cluster. 
Seven Steps to Success:
1.   Complete Assessments indicating strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.
2.   Research Career Opportunities to learn more about yourself and a list of careers you might want to pursue.
3.   Explore Your Career Options to investigate what educational requirements are necessary to pursue your career interest.
4.   Talk About Your Options With Your Parents and Counselor to receive input and learn about career opportunities.
5.   Make Your Choices and Document Your Decisions through an IGP.  Fill out possible career goals, majors, and courses involved with your career choice area. 
6.   Review and Revise Your IGP Each Year to document any changes and expand your career search.
7.   Graduate and pursue post secondary opportunities that will give you a clear road to success!
Helpful Links and Information:
Seek information and assessments through the following websites:
1.   http://www.sccis This website allows students to take assessments on career interests, plan a resume, and research colleges and careers. Get the username and password from your school counseling office.
2. This website shows career information for parents and students listing hot careers and career growth for the future.
3. This website allows you to research colleges based on interests, majors, and locations. 
4. This website lists information about job fairs and career education opportunities for students.
5. This website gives valuable information about job shadowing and resources to ensure students have a productive job shadowing experience.