NCAA Clearinghouse

If you are a student-athlete who intends to pursue your sport at the Division I or Division II college level, you should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse during your junior year. If you are a senior who has not already done so, you must register as soon as possible. 

To register with NCAA Clearinghouse, go to the NCAA Clearinghouse's website to create a student-athlete profile. HHIHS will send your transcript only after you complete your profile and request the transcript be uploaded.

The NCAA Clearinghouse will ONLY accept your test scores directly from the testing agency
. To have your SAT scores sent directly from the CollegeBoard, go to To have your ACT scores sent directly to the NCAA Clearinghouse, go to

If you attended another high school, you must have an original transcript sent from your former school directly to the NCAA Clearinghouse.  

If you have questions or concerns about this process make sure you work with your coach, our Athletic Director Mr. Monmonier and your School Counselor.