Cohen - Crucible

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The Crucible
From SC Literary Reference Center

The Crucible
from Bloom's Literature

Arthur Miller
From SC  Biography in Context

Arthur Miller
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The character information below is from Bloom's in

Rev. Samuel Parris

Betty Parris

Abigail Williams


Tituba of Salem

Tituba and Sarah Good

Ann and Thomas Putnam

Mary Warren

John Proctor
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Francis and Rebecca Nurse

Giles and Martha Corey

Rev. John Hale

Elizabeth Proctor

Ezekiel Cheever

Judge Hathorne

Deputy Gov. Danforth

Marshall Herrick

The holocaust
from SC

Japanese Internment Camps

from SC

Salem Witch Trials
from SC

Major Modern Genocides
from SC

McCarthyismGenerate Name
from SC  Britannica Library

The Red Scare
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Great Awakening

Hollywood Blacklist
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Hollywood Ten
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House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)