2019 SC State Fair Art Winners

Gold key Winner

2019 SC State Fair Students Art Competition Winners

This year there were over 3,000 entries state-wide and the following students received awards in their category:



Charlotte O'Fee:  1st place/2D
Charlotte O'Fee First Place 2d

Jacquelyn Roberts: 3rd place/2D
Jacquelyn Roberts 3rd place 2D

Kaitlin Cooke:  8th place/2D
Kaitlin Cooke 8th place 2D

Laura Huggins: 9th place/2D
Lara Huggins 9th place 2D


It is an honor to receive an award, but also to have artwork included in the exhibition.  The student art exhibit will be available for viewing at the State Fair from October 9th to the 20th.  Congratulations to the following students who submitted their artwork! We are proud of you:


Samantha Soriano

Sophia Nimmer

Avery Wagner

Valeria Morales

Ella Rosenberry

Tessa Beck 

Julia Clark

Arianna Saponara

Jenna Block

Madi Bennett

Anastasia Abrahms

Sasha Udvornocky

Thalia Riker

Olivia Waters

Jett Liska

Cristian Ambrocio

Tori Herman

Max Baez