Mr T's Third Block Ethics Research 11.2019

pictures of street signs pointing in a variety of directions with words related to ethics

Mt T's Third Block Ethical Research Project.

Use Credible resources
suggested resources = print books ,, JSTOR
You need a username and password for discus outside of school.
In Discus Opposing Viewpoints is a great resource
Points of View Reference Center is also a great resource in SCDiscus
Academic Search Premier has higher level articles in its database.
You can only access JSTOR at school.

Use Quotation Marks when you are quoting

Credit your source in  your project each time you write about something you did not know before you read the article or book.

Ethical use of Social Media - JSTOR

Censorship - Points of View Ref Center

Juul - look under smoking then vaping - opposing viewpoints

Edit human genomes? from opposing viewpoints

Well's Fargo's Tim Sloan  from Opposing Viewpoints

No Kill Policies - from Opposing Viewpoints