Student Web Resources

Inovative way to ask a science question
37,000 websites for students
Boolean Search from MIT
tips on how to use words to help in your search
Honolulu Community College's Citation Help
Create Graphic Novels
South Carolina's Library of Databases
Free Student Aid for College
Design a Paperless Poster
Access your school H drive from anywhere
Explains how to access, save, edit ,and upload a paper to your school H drive from home
IB Command Terms
incorporate these into your question if possible
10 minute or less video clips of important concepts students need to know
Great information site for students and families
Owl at Purdue's MLA format explanation
Keep abreast of current affairs and chart the world's coverage
Owl at Purdue's Plagiarism Info
SAT words to Test review for MCAT
American Library Association explanation of Primary Sources
Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School Research tips
Community Foundation of the Low-Country
SC information for high school students
Websearch for students