Global Issues Project Mr Campbell fall 2018

photo of the earth with Global Issues in text

The Library has many books set aside that may help you with your research for this project.
For online information has a few sites I recommend.
Remember if  you access outside of school you will need a username and password.
Opposing Viewpoints
Points of view Reference Center
Academic Search Premier.

Topics that could be used
Human Conflicts
International Labor and Migration Rules
Biodiversity/Ecosystem losses (extinction)   ecosystem extinction

Global Infectious Diseases

Energy Consumption


see sweatshops and human trafficking

Ethnic Cleansing

Biotechnology Rules

Third World Debt
these are older articles - 1990 -1985
Third World Debt some newer articles

Genetically Engineered Food




Intellectual Property Rights

Oil Consumption

Human Population Growth

Rights of Indigenous People

Drinking Water Deficit

Fair Trade

Child Rights

Human Rights

Sites Mr Campbell suggests:

World Health Organization

World Bank

National Geo map machine
I am not sure this is the exact link Mr Campbell wants you to go to.

CIA world factbook



Washington Post