Covid-19 Poems

This poem is from one of Ms Felix' students written during our first week of isolation.

The Virus 
by Katy Lyons

Here I sit

In complete isolation.

All of us separated by the invisible.

I would reach out to you,

But a simple elbow touch wouldn’t do.

Lysol spray has become perfume,

Hand sanitizer has become hand lotion,

The news has become the bible.

A simple virus,

Whose name resembles royalty,

Has done the unthinkable.

Destroyed businesses,

And has ruined relationships.

The death toll rises,

And hope decreases.  

What to do?

Everyone scrambles to find a solution.

Maybe it is found in the empty grocery shelves,

Or maybe in the fear of going outside.

Online assignments plague the uninfected.

But I believe,

We will all get through this together.

We will all get through this,

Just not with each other.