Maria Ibarra Poem

Photo of the public library's initation to a poetry reading
At the previously planned but cancelled 7th annual Kick-Start Poetry Reading to celebrate National Poetry Month, HHIHS senior Maria Ibarra was invited to attend.  
This event was co-sponsored by the Island Writers’ Network and the Pat Conroy Literary Center.  It was to take place on April 2 at the Hilton Head Island Library.  
Maria chose write an ars poetica poem. 
 We are pleased to allow her to present her work to the community through a different format as we all try to navigate this time with ingenuity, cooperation, and optimism.

I am Finally…

I am finally free

Pencil right at me

Make it right, make it quick

Strike the words

Erase the thoughts


Show empathy to the world

Explain the possible outcome

Find the path to create

Look for the moment to express

Understand the possibilities

This is more than some mimicking


Pen in hand

Everything is white

Make it clear, make it bright

Show the path for us to start


Let me write

Let me express

Feel the love from the text


As you think, it recalls

As you see, you make it dance

It’s the movement of the hand

Your hand full of life


Make the ink your friend

Let your thoughts travel with no end

Create riddles on your mind

As you let the moment thrive


Pen in hand

Create a start

We can finally see the lines

Imagine two in one

There is nothing like a smile


The words gave me life

Feelings took my story

Pen wrote the unexpected

People listened to the message


The way I smile is a bit strange

Sometimes just a smirk

Sometimes only with my eyes

But my thoughts lead me to a smile

A smile full of life


Quick movement of freedom

It is time to show some wisdom

Similar ideas in paper

Big feelings for me to create

It is time to end the unexpected

It is time for this poem to surrender.

Copyright © 2020, Maria Victoria Ibarra