Poetry Project - Mrs MacMurray

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We have 41 volumes of Poetry for Students in the library.
Each poem  section in these volumes tells about the author, historical context, theme, style, verse by verse summary, and critical analysis. 

We also have the first 20 volumes as ebooks in our destiny catalog.
(ebook poem articles have citation options)

Please open the list below and choose a poem. 

ebook Cumulative Author/Title list from Poetry for Students 

Access the ebooks easily by clicking the new Follett icon in classlink. When you click the icon you are already logged into the catalog. Search title "Poetry for Students" and change material type to electronic books. Then open the volume your poem is in - and Read.

SCDiscus.org has a database that is helpful when analyzing a poem.
Bloom's literature  All Poems   Most Studied Poems
Critical Analysis in Bloom's:

Best wishes on your project.
 If  you have any questions please ask us.