Ms Abram's 3rd and 4th blocks spring 2020

Students are looking for primary sources from 1946-1954.  

As they are taking on the roles of these individuals from history, they will need everything from economic reports, to diaries, to interviews, etc. 
These are all global issues that they have selected from Flannery O’Connor short stories.  The students are interested in the following topics:

  1. Depression in general (treatment) and related to PTSD (veterans)
  2. Incarceration (prison life and conditions as well as specific court cases for murderers/psychopaths at the time)  They may need a prison guard, judge, attorney, etc.
  3. Poverty and unemployment (economist, business owners, government officials, etc.)
  4. Urbanization (farmer, factory worker, big business owner)
  5. Crime (amount of issues and frequency of psychiatric and psychotic occurrences)
  6. Racism (segregation in schools)

Library of Congress has a wealth of online resources for you. This will be like a treasure hunt. You will have to dig. Embrace the search.

Library of Congress

Primary Source Sets from LOC

National Archives      National Archives Court Records

Cold War and Societal Change from SCDiscus' History Reference Center
Remember requires a username and password to access outside of school.
Here are ebook volumes on Psychology by Salem Press. You will need a username and password. (I will tell you those)