Five HHIHS Teachers Win Bright Ideas Grant

Five HHIHS Teachers Win Bright Ideas Grant
Posted on 11/15/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Five HHIHS Teachers Win Bright Ideas GrantCongratulations to the five HHIHS teachers that won the Bright Ideas Grant sponsored by Palmetto Electric Trust and Palmetto Electric Cooperative. The grant program provides funding for innovative classroom-based education projects that fall outside of normal school funding. For more information about the grant, click here.

The following teachers at HHIHS were awarded either $750 or $1000 for their classroom. See the amazing project descriptions below.

Ms. Spisz - Podcaster Studio - $1,000 Award
Description: The journalism class will be purchasing the Padcaster studio, which is a portable news studio that uses an iPad. The portable studio will allow the journalism class to be more mobile with filming school news stories and creating a more updated news show product for HHIHS. The Padcaster app will allow for news shorts, diverse graphics, use of better optics, audio, lighting, and the app/iPad can be used as a teleprompter to read announcements which the journalism class currently does not have.

Mr. Stine - AP Physics Implementation - $750 Award Description: Hilton Head Island High is in the process of creating AP and IB Physics courses for the future. The purpose of the grant is to buy laboratory and demonstration equipment that will be useful in teaching some of the topics required by these higher-level courses. These materials can also be used by honors physics students. Lieutenant

Commander Matthew Pheiffer - Drone Nation - $1,000 Award
Description: We received seed money from the Navy to start a Drone Team for our NJROTC program, which allowed us to purchase four Holy Stone HS165 quadcopters. This grant allows us to greatly expand our 'squadron' and thus greatly increase the number of cadets able to profit from this terrific STEM initiative. We will expand our single four-drone squadron to three squadrons totaling twelve drones, each operated by a 'crew' of three cadets - pilot, flight engineer, and safety observer. The cadets practice maneuvering the drones through obstacles and landing precisely on distant landing pads.

Sergeant Major John Wyatt - Marksmanship Magic - $1,000 Award
Description: We revived the marksmanship program this year and had a lot of interest and enthusiasm surrounding the program. Unfortunately, our target scoring method is antiquated causing us to only cycle six to eight cadets through the course of fire during a practice. With the new electronic scoring system, we triple the amount of cadets trained in a single session.

Mr. Best -Self-Driving Vehicles and the A.I. Decision Making Process - $1,000 Award
Description: Students will design, build, and program Self-Driving Vehicles. Students will be put into groups of 4 and will go through the process of designing a Self-Driving Vehicle utilizing the VEX Robotics components. Students will build out their vehicles and take them through an obstacle course using a remote control. The students will then write a program for their Self-Driving vehicle using the VEX Code Studio so that they may complete the same obstacle course via the A.I. practices used by Tesla Automobiles. This project will introduce students to Robotics, Programming, and the Artificial Intelligence decision making process. Students tend to be intimidated by these concepts. Putting students in an environment that feels similar to the video games they play at home will allow them to feel more receptive to the new concepts and skills being presented to them in the classroom.