DHEC Mask Waivers

On May 11th Governor McMaster ordered that schools could no longer require masks in the building. This mandate went into effect yesterday (Wednesday May 12th).  The Governor also ordered DHEC and the SC Department of Education to create a waiver for parents to complete that gives their consent to their child not wearing a mask in the school building.  Dr. Rodriguez sent out a message to BCSD families informing them that until the waivers were ready, a parent note could be sent to school indicating their consent that their child does not need to wear a mask.  Those parents who sent a note still need to complete the waiver.  Both of the English and Spanish versions of the waiver are now available.  They are attached to this email.  The deadline to submit the waiver will be at the close of the school day on Tuesday  May 18th.  We will continue to accept waivers after the 18th but we will enforce the wearing of masks starting on the 19th.  Those students whose parents complete the waiver will have a sticker placed on the back of their IDs to indicate they waived the wearing of a mask.  Therefore it is important that students have their IDs to be eligible to not wear a mask.  If a student who has completed their waiver comes to school one day without their ID, they will have to wear a mask that day.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will not accept emailed, scanned or faxed waivers.  We will need a hard copy of the waiver because it will eventually be placed in your student’s records file.  Also it is important to remember that masks still need to be worn on buses because it is mandated by presidential order.  Presidential executive orders supersede an executive order of the Governor.

DHEC Mask Waiver - English