Goals and Actions

Goal 1 Increase community awareness of HHIHS
Actions taken to achieve Goal 1:
-Hosted a Welcome Breakfast & Introduction of new Principal to our Hilton Head Mayor, Town Manager, Town Council members and other community members
-Facilitated a Hilton Head Island High School newspaper produced by students and teachers to be distributed to all residents of Hilton Head

Goal 2 Oversee the projects afforded to HHIHS via Referendum funding
Actions taken to achieve Goal 2:
-Established an Architectural Oversite Committee
-Hosted an open forum with the District to discuss the location and plans for the future school building

Goal 3 Increase parental involvement
Actions taken to achieve Goal 3:
-Hosted a 2019-2020 job fair for the students by the parent guest speakers highlighting a wide variety of career opportunities
-Hosted 2019-2020 Parent Workshops prior to the SIC meetings on topics including mental health, standardized testing, college scholarships and admission, FAFSA application, drug and alcohol abuse
-Hosted a parent/teacher forum with Dr. Rodriguez and other BCSD employees to discuss the challenges and questions involving the 2020-2021 school year/Covid adjustments