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PARKING for 2018-19

The link for pre-registering for parking is now up and running.  Students/parents will need to complete this ahead of time to get their parking pass at Back to School Registration in August.  No passes will be issued for those who have not completed the requirements in the link below and have not submitted a signed Drug Testing Consent form (Attached).

Information About Student Parking:
To clarify the process for obtaining a parking spot for high school students, please review the following.  Parking passes can be obtained during the Back to School event on August 15th at the school.  Parking can be obtained throughout the school year if spaces are available.  If all parking lots become full, a wait list will be developed.



Who Qualifies?
A student who wishes to register for parking must be an 11th or 12th grade student taking classes at HHIHS.  If spaces are available after allocating them for the 11th and 12th graders, 10th graders can be eligible for parking if they are involved in a school-sponsored club, sport or extracurricular activity.  Their coach or club advisor may be required to verify their participation.

*** What do you need to do before Aug. 15th?  ***
To help things run smoothly, you will need to pre-register for parking by clicking the link below:

You will need to have pictures of the following items to uploaded:

1) Driver’s license

2) Vehicle Registration Card for each vehicle

3) Current Insurance Card

4) A copy of their Driver Training Certificate OR "Alive at 25" Certificate  

5) Drug Testing Consent Form - *Signed by Parent & Student (see attachment)


You will also need to have all financial obligations cleared before paying for parking at Back to School.  Please call the bookkeeper if you are unsure if you owe anything so there is no shock prior to this event.  You can pay any obligations during the summer.

What to do on August 15th?
If you are an 11th or 12th grader, while at Back to School, you will pay the PTSO for your parking spot. You will then bring that PTSO receipt to Mr. Skirtich in the cafeteria.  If you are a 10th grade student, you can pay for parking, but will bypass the parking line and sign up on the waiting list at a table next to Mr. Skirtich and will not select a space at that time.  If spaces are available, the 10th grade student will be notified via email.

How Much?

Parking costs $25 per semester, or $50 per year. 

(The school uses these funds to pay for items for your students, such as student agenda books, parking decals, lot maintenance, etc.)

If you have any questions before the event, please email or call (843)689-4801 so you can be informed and have all your items prepared ahead of time.

*Drug Testing Consent Form see "18-19 Drug testing consent form" tab on top left - (If the student has already submitted the form for sports, they do not need to upload)