Information From Our Nurse

Amy Morrissette is our nurse.

The nurse is available during school hours 8:30 - 3:45. Her phone # is 843 689 4814.

Nurse Visits: 
The health office is provided for students who are ill or in need of medical attention.  Students must have a pass from their teacher to be logged in at the nurse's office.  For safety reasons, students are not to use their cell phones to call or text message their families for permission to go home nor to use classroom phones to call parents when ill.

The nurse will assess the student and determine what nursing treatment and/or medical treatment is necessary.  A call to the parent/guardian will be made at that time to discuss further treatment if necessary or permission for the student to be picked up or to drive home.

The medical card with parental signature is used throughout the year.  After this is filled out by the parent/guardian, Ibuprofen may be given if necessary by the nurse for dysmenorrheal.  Acetaminophen may be given by the nurse also, if necessary.  Prudent nursing assessment and measures are always used first by the nurse to alleviate discomforts.

Students who need to take medication prescribed by their physicians may bring the medication in the prescription bottle with directions on it.  It must have the pharmacy label on it.  The pharmacy will provide the parent with a "school labeled" container free of charge.  A form provided by the nurse must be signed by the parent/legal guardian for the nurse to dispense the medication.  Students are not allowed to carry any medication and take it on their own.

The nurse is available to students with health questions and issues and will act as an advocate for the student and parents.  The nurse also is a resource to health services in the community.  Vision and hearing screenings are provided for all 9th graders.  Blood pressure screenings are provided for 11th graders.