Helpful Resources

Student/Family Resources:

  • High School Course Catalog - BCSD has one high school course catalog for all six high schools serving students in the county.  
  • HHIHS Course List - See the specific HHIHS course list for 2021-2022.  Courses are always subject to change based on teacher certification/availability, scheduling, class sizes, etc.
  • NCAA Clearinghouse -This is for prospective college-athletes to be deemed eligible to play college sports.

  • ACT - This is one of two college entrance exams.  It contains a section on science.  With the Class of 22 the ACT will be superscored.

  • SAT - This is one of two college entrance exams.  It does NOT contain a section on science.  The SAT can be superscored.
  • Career Clusters - South Carolina utilizes the 16 national recognized career clusters.  At IGPs, students are encouraged to share a career goal based on their current, future plans (understanding this is always changeable).  This is used to select the most appropriate HHIHS major.

  • SCOIS - This is a career research program.  See your School Counselor for your username/password.

  •  SCOIR - This is a college research & planning.  See your School Counselor if you have not yet activated your account.  A link to SCOIR is located on the HHIHS homepage.
  • Parchment - This is a program that allows graduating seniors to request their high school transcript be sent to colleges.  The electronic delivery makes everything easier for students to track!  A link to Parchment is on the HHIHS homepage. (It is a blue square with a P in the lower left corner)

  • FAFSA - The Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  It opens on October 1st.  There is a part for parents and students to complete.
  • State Scholarships - These are scholarships that are distributed through our state government.  Candidates are students who graduate from a South Carolina high school, meet eligibility requirements and attend a South Carolina College.