Extended Essay Research April 2020

iage of a magnifying glass over the word research.

Ivy Lilia, an IB student, on you tube talks about what not to do regarding your EE. She says:

"Think of your research question as guidance for your essay - which is your answer to your research question."

I recommend that you know the rubric for the extended essay. Yes, the EE is to be about a topic that interests you. It is also graded using a rubric. Some pieces of that rubric are easy points to accumulate.

Credible resources. We have ebooks and right now many companies are offering their ebooks for free.
You can find our ebooks in the Destiny catalog through classlink.
Once you are logged into Classlink, you do not need a username or password for the Destiny Catalog from Follett.

.image of the destiny icon

To search for ebooks go to catalog. Under the material type option choose electronic book (ebook). You can search for your subject or keyword - or you can place your cursor in the search box hit enter and see all the ebooks we have in the catalog.
Destiny ebook selection

Shakespeare for Students is a great ebook set we have.
image of catalog in destiny for Shakespeare for students

ABDO is offering free online books to all during this unprecedented time. They have a number of non fiction books that may serve your purposes. You can search by subject - Language arts - History, Math, Sports, or Science and Technology. You can also search by group - choose high school - this is your best bet to limit your choices to higher level books.

ABDO is offering free ebooks - here is the collection for high school

South Carolina has a library of databases for all who live in SC. It is scdiscus.org. This is the icon in classlink:
 image of the scdiscus icon in classlink
There are many ways to search in scdiscus.org. I like the A-Z list because I can limit my results to specific databases,
for example - I my begin a paper with information from Britannica Library - an encyclopedia.
 Then I might take my reader deeper into my subject using Bloom's Literature or Literary Reference Center. I may also use History Reference Center, Opposing Viewpoints, Points of View Reference Center, Creedo Reference or Science Reference Center.
Or you can do a Smart Search and discus will pull articles from all databases that apply to the topic you re researching.

Higher level articles? use Academic Search Premier and  Creedo Reference.
Need information about countries? Use Culture Grams.
Specific People? Use Biography in Context.

Citation in SCDiscus
image of a Slide showing various citation icons in scdiscus.org

JSTOR is a database with higher level articles and books. If you are in the parking lot of a district school and accessing
wi-fi you simply type in JSTOR - you will be able to search. 

JSTOR also has a limited number of books and articles in Open Access Content .you can access their open access content from home.
Open Access Content is limited but the articles are quality and credible resources.
image of JSTOR,org 
Library of Congress has a ton of great material for history research.

.org, .gov , .edu, .ac are more trustworthy sites

If you must use google there are ways to search for academic articles in google.
iage of a slide explainig google search in academics

In Google - you can search what other countries have written on your topic.
Each country has a county code of 2 letters.

If you want to know what a university in Japan has written on Hiroshima search
Hiroshima site:ac JP
If you want to know what is written in universities in Britain about World War II search
World War II site:ac GB

*please note the spaces between the words in the google search are needed.

Link to google slides with reminders, passwords and tips. You must be logged into your district google account to see this.

USCB's reference librarians are willing to help you virtually as well.
Here is a link to Ask a Librarian
imag of ask a librarian page for USCB's library

Best wishes you all.
If  you have any questions please email me at karen.metropolis@beaufort.k12.sc.us