TKAM spring 2019

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The purpose of this project is to learn more about life in the U.S. -- particularly in the South -- in the 1930's so that we have a better understanding of the issues and events in To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper Lee.

ebook Novels for Students v. 2 has a few paragraphs that will help- scroll to Author's Bio, Historical Context, and The Great Depression and Race Relations

The Great Depression : Causes and effects
This is a great article from Britannica Library in

Life in the Rural South in the first half of the 20th century.
Getting By -- Everyday Life in the Depression 
Country Folks - Sharecropping
or go to the above article in Britannica through or Credo Reference in    please. 

African American Life in The Great Depression 
From Britannica Library in

Institutionalized Racism in the Southern U.S.: 
The Jim Crow Laws
From Britannica Library
The Jim Crow Laws   from Credo Reference
The Consequences   Mind Map of Jim Crow Laws in Credo Reference

The roles of Women in the 1930's
from Credo Reference

Sports in The Great Depression
from Credo Reference in

Radio, Movies and Music in the Great Depression scroll to Cultural Society


Fashion and Film

Prejudice and the Law in America in the First Half of the 20th Century
from Credo Reference a Mind Ma of Jim Crow laws.

Putting People Back to Work WPA and the CCC
From Britannica Library
More articles on the CCC in Credo Reference
More articles on WPA in Credo Reference
Black Writers and the WPA

People in the News

Harper Lee

Please see 1930's research on the media center webpage. There are many links to famous folks through Biography in Context. For instance Jesse Owens
and Biography in Context allows you to save the articles to your google account.

Also in The Great Depression article in Britannica Library if  you scroll down it will list many famous names.