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Will Callegari
Government & Economics
Room Z305

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About Me:

This is Coach Callegari’s first year teaching in Hilton Head, having spent the previous four years teaching at Mandeville High School in South Louisiana. He currently teaches 10th Grade Government and Economics and is also entering his first year as the Head Coach of Varsity Boy's Lacrosse Program.
B.A. in History - The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction - Florida State University Daily Schedule (1st Semester): 1st Block - Government H (8:45-10:15) 2nd Block - Government (10:20-11:55) ILT (11:55-12:45) 3rd Block - Planning (12:50-2:15) 4th Block - Government (2:20-3:45)

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:45-8:15

Course Descriptions: The American Government course is a 9-week course taking an in-depth look at the roots and development of our American government. As an introduction to the course, students will explore the inner workings of our American governing system. Students will learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the values and principles people who live in the United States share in common. They will explore the history of America’s separation from England and the development of a democratic government. The framework of the US government as created in the US Constitution will be the main focus of the course. Students will learn that our government is based on the principles of popular sovereignty, republicanism, separation of powers, protection from tyranny or dictatorship, and special protection of individual rights and liberties. Upon a study of the three branches of government and major governmental Dept. /agencies, students will also examine benchmark Supreme Court cases that have influenced constitutional law.  Finally an understanding of how the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic state have evolved and been interpreted will be developed, as well as the importance of civic participation in the democratic process. It is hoped that this course on government will help students and teachers in the 11th grade United States history classes improve their performance on the US History EOC. Special emphasis may be placed on current events in the news. 

U.S. Government Units

  1. Introduction and Foundations of the American Government
  2. The Constitution/Federalist
  3. Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  4. Political Behavior/Electoral Process