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Mission Statement


The mission of HHIH is to prepare each student to become a productive, responsible citizen in a complex, global, technological age that requires lifelong learning.

To fulfill this mission we believe it is important to:

  • Provide a rigorous, balanced curriculum and exemplary teaching
  • Maintain a disciplined, highly academic atmosphere and expect the best from every student
  • Foster personal responsibility, citizenship, and civility by enforcing high standards of student behavior
  • Promote tolerance, trust and respect among all members of our multicultural school community
  • Provide a safe, inviting and stimulating school environment
  • Provide educational opportunities suited to each student's developmental needs and potential
  • Work in partnership with family and community to help each student succeed
  • Provide an environment in which excellent teachers thrive - and -
  • Provide quality facilities and technological resources to enhance learning


We will work with families and our diverse community to ensure that students perform at an internationally competitive level in a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and engaging.