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Dual Enrollment


The BCSD Pre-Registration Form is due back to your School Counselor on October 9th. Applications, both online and hard copy, must be completed and turned in by October 17th. Please see your counselor if you have any questions.

All students can now participate in dual enrollment if they meet the admission requirements set by TCL or USCB. If you would like to learn more about our dual enrollment program eligibility, application process, and deadlines please contact your counselor.

Beaufort County School District Dual Enrollment website

BCSD Dual Enrollment Handbook

BCSD Pre-Registration Form



View the USCB Dual Enrollment Presentation first.

USCB Dual Enrollment Steps

USCB Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

New TCL Dual Enrollment students must take 2 TCL courses their first semester and 2-4 TCL courses thereafter. 

View the TCL Dual Enrollment Presentation first.

TCL Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

TCL Dual Enrollment Steps

TCL Enrollment Handbook

TCL Spring 2024 Course Offerings (see tabs at the bottom)