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HHIHS Grading Policy

As an IB World School, our goal is to ensure that grading and reporting practices reflect the IB approach to teaching and learning and are based on clearly defined criteria that represent the attainment of content knowledge and skills and that are consistent across grade levels and courses. We strive for our student grades to be accurate, meaningful, consistent and supportive of learning.  

Assignment of student grades is the purview of the teacher. Grades cannot be changed without following BCSD established procedures which include explicit consent of the instructor. Teachers develop research-based grading and assessment practices to guide the recording and reporting of student progress under the supervision of the Principal. HHIHS follows the South Carolina guidelines for grading/assessment. As such, no school leader or teacher will engage in grading practices that violate state policy.

2023-24 Grading Policy

2023-24 Assessment Policy