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Hilton Head Island High School is proud to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The IB Diploma Programme is a prestigious international program that offers rigorous coursework. Students may elect to pursue the highly regarded IB Diploma or simply pursue IB Certificates in selected courses. Students within the programme of study have the opportunity of earning college credit for students obtaining a high exam score. more about it from current IBDP seniors, teachers, and the coordinator.

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Ms. White is the head of MYP and DP IB programs, if you have questions

IB Policies and Process Paperwork:

  1. IB Academic Integrity Policy
  2. IB Access-Admission Policy
  3. IB Assessment Policy
  4. IB Complaint-Appeal Process
  5. IB Inclusion Policy
  6. IB Language Policy

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2018 IBDP CAS Project

2018 IBDP CAS Coloring Project

2022 IB Biltmore Field Trip

2022 IB Biltmore Field  Trip

2022 IBDP Socratic Seminar 1

2022 IBDP Socratic Seminar

2022 Spanish Honor Society Induction

2022 Spanish Honor Society Induction

2023 IBDP Welcome Celebration 

2023 Junior IBDP Pinning

2023 Junior IBDP Pinning