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Library Media Center

Welcome to the hub of our school! Our school library is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every day.  We operate on a flexible schedule and maintain an open-access policy.  Students can visit the library at any time for book checkout or work on assignments with a pass from their teacher. 

Desktop computers allow students to print items needed for class assignments and school-related activities.  We do not charge for testing tickets, scholarship forms, college essays, or work-related materials such as job applications. 

Students are expected to:

  • Respect each other and the materials in the library space
  • Speak appropriately and help keep the library organized
  • Return all books within two weeks from the date they were borrowed

  • Renew a book if it is needed for a longer period

  • Pay for lost or damaged books. Students will be charged for the replacement cost of their library book if damaged or lost. We do not charge overdue fines.

  • Students will not be able to check out another book until they pay for the lost or damaged book or make payment arrangements with the bookkeeper.

Please ensure the timely return of materials so that other students may benefit from our resources.

Material selection information and procedures for handling challenged material policies may be found under Board Policies: Administrative Regulations on the BCSD website.  Specifically, Regulation IS 38 and Regulation IS 38.1.

If a parent or guardian would like to opt out of specific library materials for their student - please fill out the Request to Opt-Out of School Library Materials Form and return it to a school administrator. 

Michelle Andis - Librarian

Katie Jo Bolchoz - Library Assistant

Please email Michelle or Katie Jo to reserve a time for your class to conduct research, work on a project, or check out books.