Ms Cohen's Classes 1920's Research

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For this activity there are two sites in that may help you.
Opposing Viewpoints and Points of View Reference Center These databases give you both sides to issues. Remember you need a username and password to use outside of school.

We have 2 ebooks on the 1920's that you can access from the Follett Icon on classlink 
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The titles are 
America in the 1920's     and
UXL American Decades. (for this one you have to choose the decade from a drop down box)

                                Ms Cohen's recommended websites:

The roaring 20's A snapshot of life
1920's Domestic Timeline

PBS on Speakeasys and Jazz
1920's Jazz Age WebQuest
Prohibition Timeline

Prosperity and Thrift the Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy 1921-1929

Art and Culture of the 1920's

History of New York

History Links 1921

History Links 1922

New York City Timelines from BC to Present

New York Timelines 1900 - 1949

New York Crimes and Disaster Timeline from Wikipedia

History of New York - a nice simple site which also includes a timeline

In our Destiny Catalog you can login with your school username and password. Under the catalog tab go to WebPath Express. It is a collection of websites that support K-12 students.
example in WebPath Express 1920's Fashion (You must be logged into Destiny)

There are many articles related to 1920s including ones on the following topics:

Prohibition ‚Äčand Organized Crime
Economy and the Stock Market Crash
Government and Politics
Sports/World Series/Athletes
Music and Dance/Movies
Art Deco/Harlem Renaissance
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Entering the above keywords about in the Search box will yield a large number of credible websites. 

If any of the links do not open for you, go to, and choose the A-Z list.  Find the database listed and search for the title displayed below.

Prohibition and Organized Crime

Prohibition: Introduction, The Temperance Movement and the Eighteenth Amendment, Bootlegging and Gangsterism, and Repeal
From Britannica High School in

What Made the Twenties Roar?
From History Reference Center in

February 14, 1929: The St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago
From the History Reference Center in

What are the policy lessons of National AlcoholProhibition in the United States, 1920–1933?

From Academic Search Premier in

The Economy and the Stock Market Crash

President Hoover Responds to the Stock Market Crash
From the History Reference Center in

The Stock Market Crash of 1929
From Britannica High School in

October 29, 1929: The Great Stock Market Crash Shakes the Nation

From Academic Search Premier

Government and Politics 

Fashion / Women / Flappers

Sports / World Series / Athletes 


History of the Motion Picture
From Britannica High School in

Art Deco / Harlem Renaissance 
from Britannica Library in SCDiscus.
Please note when you open the article there are 3 tabs at the top left. 
One for the article, one for images and videos and one related.

F.Scott Fitzgerald
from Biography in Context

American Literature: The 20th Century 1914 to 1945
From Britannica High School in
Lots of information regarding the 1920s and the writings of that era 

A great resource also on is Historic American Newspaper. You can choose to view newspapers from the years 1920 to 1929. You can also enter keywords to search for particular subjects that appeared in the papers during those years. 

Discovery Education is another great resource to use. You can access it on your school devices. Just look for the Discover Education icon. Search for your topic in the top right-hand Search box. You can sort your results by Grade Level. 

Novels for Students v. 2 The Great Gatsby

The Great Depression
from Britannica Library