Congenital Disease Project

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Searching google effectively
BE  AWARE of credible URL endings. .org; .gov;.net; .edu; .ac
as opposed to .com; .biz etc
To make sure you access the above url endings in your google search type your search term the word site and a colon:
epilepsy site:edu
Alzheimer's site:gov

  1. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase such as “Alzheimer's symptoms“
  2. Use an asterisk * in place of a word when you cannot think of a word in a phrase and put it all in quotes ex: (Alzheimer's *)
  3. Use a minus sign – to eliminate results with certain words if you are getting to many results and need to limit your results.
  4. Keywords are IMPORTANT if you are not getting results you may need to change up your search term or phrase. You could go to a thesaurus to get an idea of what other word to use.

I highly recommend using SC because it is a  credible library of databases paid for with your tax $$$. Use it or lose it.
Also every article is cited for you. You have to include citation information on each slide you create for this project.

image of the icon has Credible Databases.

Britannica Encyclopedia is very helpful:
When I searched Birth Defects it brought me to an excellent page Congenital Disorder which includes links to many of the diseases listed below.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy 


Breast Cancer





Credo Reference is another great database in discus.

From Explora High School in SCDiscus

Genetic Diseases (articles from the last 3 years)