COVID Protocols

Visiting the Media Center
All visitors to the media center must comply with district guidelines to wear a mask or face covering. All visitors to the media center will enter through the doors on A Hall and exit through the doors on B Hall. Teachers will not be allowed to bring groups of students to the media center for class projects, but may request for the media specialist to come to their classroom to co-teach and assist with class projects. Bottles of hand sanitizer bottles are located throughout the media center that students and staff may use. 

Checkout Protocols

Students will be allowed to visit the media center to check out books using these guidelines: 

  • Limit of 6 students in the media center for book checkout

  • Students will bring their tablets with them so they can search for books in the digital catalog. To access the catalog, students go to Classlink - Follett Destiny - Catalog.

  • Students must take caution when taking a book off the shelf not to touch other books; it is recommended that they ask media center staff to retrieve the book.

  • Students may also email the media center staff if they want a book and they will pull and have book ready for them. or

  • Media center staff will also have a mobile checkout cart and travel to classrooms to checkout books to students

  • When books are returned to the media center, they will be wiped with a cloth and safe book cleaning solution and held for 72 hours before being re-shelved.

  • Although books are due two weeks from the day checked out, students will not be penalized for overdue books.