Yearbook Photo Submission

ATTENTION Parents, Guardians, & Students….

We NEED your photos for the 2021 HHIHS Yearbook!

Some examples of photos that will be needed are ….

  1. Senior Baby Photos
  2. Community service Photos
  3. Summer Activities
  4. Fall Activities
  5. Extra-Curricular activities/What's Your Talent?
  6. Job Photos
  7. Virtual Learning
  8. Fashion Mask Wear
  9. Personal Experiences with COVID
  10. Quinceanera Photos
  11. Quarantine Photos
  12. Creative Zoom Backgrounds
  13. Athletes in the Community Photos
  14. Sidewalk Chalk Art Designs
  15. Morning Beverage Choice
  16. Zoom Pet Buddies 

 **When submitting photos, PLEASE, follow the instructions that are attached & submit the largest files possible & include the full name of the person in the saved file name.

Click here for directions on how to submit your photos!