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Student Government Association

Class Governance Team

Because of the pandemic situation of the 2020-2021 school year, SGA advisors and Mr. Schidrich have implemented temporary changes to the SGA organization. This year students will not be running for individual SGA positions. Instead, they will be running for a place on their grade level Governance Team, where all students on the team share all SGA responsibilities. Each grade level Governance Team will be comprised of 5 – 7 members. Students interested in running for a spot on the Class Governance Team should click this link and complete your First and Last Name (as they appear in PowerSchool), correct grade level, and upload a 90 second video introducing themselves to the class and explaining their leadership qualifications and plans for their class (their platform).

For questions or more details, contact your class advisor.

9th Grade - Kristen Britt
10th Grade - Annette Lee
11th Grade - Kali Stroud
12th Grade - Michelle Hartman and Mary Beth White